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During the summer of 2010 a 17-year-old young man walked through the doors of Mountain Health & Wellness’ Oracle Office seeking immediate help. He was in a crisis situation and had nowhere else to turn. Our Crisis Team responded and placed him at Sonora Behavior Health.  

Once released, he struggled to complete high school. Going back and forth from studying for his GED or going back to school led him to giving up on his educational goals. He struggled to find employment.  

As an 18 year old facing the challenges of Bi-Polar disorder, this young man uses the coping skills he’s learned at Mountain Health & Wellness while taking his medication as prescribed. He can now process and control his emotions. He’s mindful of his actions and is now accepting responsibility for the decisions he makes in life.  

A year later, he is stable and headed in the right direction. He has lost 50 pounds and is dedicated to living a healthier life. His personalized wellness plan consists of healthy eating, eating smaller portions and exercising regularly.  

There were so many traumatic life experiences he could have used as an excuse to not succeed in life instead, this young man is currently working towards getting his Diploma and has a part time job. He has learned how to manage his life and knows what it takes to remain on the path to recovery. 

Wellness In Yuma

By Adam Cano

Charmaine began services about 7 months ago and wanted to start an exercise routine. She stated that she did not have any energy and was having constant arguments at home with a family member. We started using the exercise equipment 2 to 3 times a week and Charmaine took interest in the elliptical equipment. After a couple of months she stated that she felt much better and was able to stay calm at home. Since she was able to stay calm she re-established her relationship with the family member. Charmaine then asked about starting GED classes and we were able to help her enroll in Yuma Mission GED course. Since then she has finished her GED and was recently offered her job back at Walmart. She’s more energized now and able to handle stressful situations with ease.

David noted his interest in wanting to become healthier about 8 months ago and stated that he wanted to start an exercise program. He was not feeling well, was easy to anger and didn’t have any energy. David took a liking to the elliptical machine and started coming in daily to use the gear for 20 minutes. Since beginning he now does a very high impact workout for one hour on the elliptical. David says that he feels a lot more energy and can      Installation of fitness equipment think very clear after his workouts. He goes around encouraging other clients and even staff to follow his workout regime and speaks about how good he feels. David has mentioned going back to school and visits the learning center for classes. David continues coming in and using the elliptical daily and has become a wellness role model for clients and staff alike.

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